About Us

"We make long-term plans and are aware of the values we create. I wish you a happy and healthy life and offer my love respects."

Established in 2008, Sen Ortaklar Cam as soon as possible after its investments in innovation within the last years reached behind to a national or foreign company has been involved in projects.

Şen Ortaklar Cam  serves more than 10 years of experience in the glass industry with its knowledge and experience to serve its customers from every sector with high quality, fast and reliable.

Sen Ortaklar Cam, which determines the needs of its customers completely and exactly with its knowledge and experience in the glass industry, is approaching as a solution partner as well as being a glass supplier to its customers.


Glass and PVC industry has served for many years, human resources and today’s technology to make it possible to make the requirements of the basic structure of a sector at the beginning of a step at the beginning of the fastest and reliable service we can provide the most appropriate costs. The main priority of Şen Ortaklar Cam is customer satisfaction in the room and its creativity is permanently extended to the future.

There is security glass and PVC supply both in the sector and abroad and abroad. Sen Ortaklar Cam has the business volume with Africa, Europe and South America and provides service to the company in one of the different sectors in the country.


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