Message Of President

Message Of The President

The step I took on my own as a young entrepreneur in 2010 in the construction world was also the beginning for Sen Ortaklar Cam Co. Today along with all teammates, we proceed on our way with the same excitement and ambition as on the first day and with the advantage of using the intellect. We have constructed over two million m² in several branches of the construction sector so far. Following the advanced technologies and our collaboration has taken Sen Ortaklar Cam to a distinguished position within its sector.

We make long-term plans and are aware of the values we create. I wish you a happy and healthy life.

Our inquisitive and innovative spirit has revealed our distinguished character both in the industrial buildings and residential buildings we constructed. Our standing behind what we achieved and ensuring customer satisfaction has carried Sen Ortaklar Cam Co.  to its current position.

Selma Özsabuncu kimdir.

Selma ÖZSABUNCUChairman